We assist in all facets of management

  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Project Management
  • Urgent Tradesperson Enquiries
  • Rental Appraisals
  • Ongoing Property Condition Reports

Why Oasis Property Rentals?

Why Oasis Property Management?

On an ongoing basis Oasis Property Rentals is consistently setting benchmarks for property management. Our clientele enjoy only the best returns for their investment property. By the same token our management of property is second to none, and we expect our clientele to present their home to the market in the best fashion possible.

Our electronic banking, invoicing and statement recording also ensures that both tenants and landlords are able to receive all information in a prompt, eco-friendly and cost efficient manner. There are no wasteful fees spent on unnecessary paper transactions.

The buck stops with me, Joe Akle, and as opposed to most franchised models - we don't have any 21 year old property managers who achieved his/her course over a 3 day period. I am a specialist property manager and because we don't sell property, I am able to dedicate all this time to our small but focussed property management book.

We do not charge you for minor incidentals such us 'mail, postage and sundries/disbursements'. We also do not charge you to sign a new lease for the same tenant or a rental increase, which basically discourages you from increasing rent or giving you the peace of mind of a secure tenant. Our fees are all inclusive and once all rationalised - we are great value for a personal service.